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IrieScents' Mission & Promise to you

       First and foremost we believe in honesty.  Our products will always have EVERY product within listed on the ingredients.  When you know better you can make the choice to do better.  Often times these products on the shelves have a great scent to grab your attention and what's actually in the bottle is never even thought about such as cancer causing components.  No one would "knowingly" give themselves cancer. 

        We want to give you the choice of what to use on your body a choice that offers replenishment, shine, and scent in a natural way.  One that will enrich your skin and uplift your mind.  One that will give you something to think about the next time you look at 

your "old favorite lotion"  =o)  

       Our mission is inform and offer you on the best choices for you and those to follow.  If there is a question we can not answer, we will let you know so, research or refer!  We promise to let honesty and the integrity of our products to always be our guide and to use each and every IrieScent before

we make it available to you.

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