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A few benefits of burning soy:  
*  Our wax is a completely natural clean burning blend. 

*  Soy wax is made from renewable resources and is perfectly safe to use on skin!
*  It produces significantly less soot and does not give off the toxins that burning gels or paraffins release.
*  100% pure fragrance oils of high integrity that yield a long lasting scent sure to bless it's surroundings!
*  Lower burn temp than paraffin wax meaning it is perfectly safe to burn around children and pets!
*  Each candle is made with one of the world's best candle wicks that are 100% lead free!!!
*  Soy burns about 25-50% longer than paraffin and have a wonderful cold scent throw.
*  Soy candles have an easy clean up with soap & hot water! 

Soy Massage Candles

SKU: 0004
  • Please keep in mind that these candles are hand made from love and we promise to only use products and ingredients that we have found to be of the highest quality to keep you coming back for more!


    Please remember to keep all products in a cool/dark environment due to the natural ingredients to maintain their shelf life.  As we would not want them to oxidize nor prematurely go rancid as an effect of direct sunlight or UV rays.  

  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL yet we put INTEGRITY FIRST; ALWAYS!  If an issue ever arrises please do not hesitate to give us the opportunity to make it right.  It's the IRIE way. 

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